Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break (so far) in Pictures

So far spring break has been AMAZING!  My nephew was here for a few days all by himself last week, which is always a wonderful treat.  The day after he arrived we received 18" of snow. In 24 hrs.  It was beautiful and even earned me a snow day!

So pretty!
My good friend invited us to come sledding.  They live out in the country and hook an old satellite dish to the back of the 4-wheeler and have a ball.  Carson really had fun and I think he could have stayed out there all day!  

Thank you, Nick!!
After a few days, Brooke came to join her big brother.  We saw "The Croods" movie and it was ADORABLE.  We also took a drive through deer park, had pretend picnics outside (the snow melted super fast) and skipped nap time every day.  
Love these eyelashes.  

We wrapped up a wonderful weekend with a FANTASTIC church service followed by brunch at Granny's.  
My loves in their Easter Sunday best!

I've been spending some time doing some spring cleaning this week.  I got my hair done, and got some baby-loving time with my friend's twin baby girls.  I've spent plenty of time being lazy, and catching up with friends too.  Of course, I've had a couple projects going on too so I'll update on those soon! 

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