Monday, June 14, 2010

I STINK at this!

Honestly, I take pictures all the time!
I carry a camera with me everywhere... Just in case.
It seems that I have a problem sharing them though!
For Mother's Day, Mom chose to visit Allerton Park.
It's basically a huge estate donated to the University of Illinois by some ridiculously rich man.
It is in absolutely pristine condition, and was such an enjoyable day!

About half of the peonies were in bloom, and were gorgeous!
This is one of my all time favorite pictures...

I thought this little guy was beautiful, and I loved the concrete wall behind it.

This was an informational building at the park, but I thought it was beautiful!

 This is just a portion of the house that is now used as a conference center.
It was seriously HUGE, I couldn't fit it into 1 photo!

This picture made me feel like I was somewhere more exotic than Champaign, IL!

Hope you've enjoyed... I'll try to post more sooner than later!